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These trips are 100% customized and tailored to the needs and desires of the charter party.


Far and Away Adventures Charter Information

In recent years, we’ve found that a significant portion of our guests desire an experience that goes beyond our traditional river trip.  While our regular trips are exceptional and leagues beyond industry standards, they represent a starting point for a new type of outdoor experience.  We’ve long been known as an innovator in adventure travel, and we’ve designed a new experience that fulfills the evolving preference of our guests.

The result is a charter trip with an emphasis on a personalized experience, luxury and comfort in a wilderness setting.  One guest having freshly returned from the experience referred to it as “The American Safari.”


These trips are 100% customized and tailored to the needs and desires of the charter party. First, the charter experience guarantees a level of intimacy between you and your fellow guests – whether you design a trip comprised of family, friends or colleagues – without the influence of the general public.

And here’s where the experience heightens to new levels, enhancing adventure travel by providing some of the finer things in life.

Your cuisine transcends standard “gourmet” Dutch-oven cuisine.  You’ll dine from menus of fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients to shape an elevated cuisine experience especially for you and your charter.  Imagine the surprise of dining on cuisine that spans from France to Asia to the Great Pacific Northwest.

Your riverside dining table will be set with linen, chairs, china, stemmed glassware, and all of it accented by candlelight.  You’ll have award-winning wines representing the best California has to offer (with a few surprises), along with a great local microbrew that we bring along – on draft.


On the comfort side of things, there’s no reason to rough it – and nothing is spared.  On these trips we provide spacious, safari-style walk-in tents providing you with a private camp – the tent is more than 100 square feet in size – is adorned with rugs, lanterns, and a sense of romantic adventure among the wilds. 3-inch foam mattresses and comfortable cots ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Feel like a massage?  We can bring along a masseuse if you’d so desire.  Or a number of other luxurious upgrades.  We believe in providing more choices for you – just talk to us about the exciting possibilities.


You’ll experience the best in service on these upgrade trips, as we limit the number of guests and include an extra guide on these special trips.  This means fewer guests per guides and helps our service-oriented guides deliver the type of personalized service you might find at a five-star resort.


So now you have two choices when booking a trip with Far & Away Adventures – both guaranteed to please, both different in the way they arrive at your satisfaction





Experience Wilderness Luxury Customized to Your Desires!