Wilderness Luxury Customized to Your Desires

We feature adventures for family, friends, and anglers on the world-famous Middle Fork of the Salmon, with special seasonal offerings on the Jarbidge/Bruneau and Owyhee rivers in southwestern Idaho.

Why Far and Away?

Far and Away rafting adventures are set in a magical, other-worldly wilderness setting that perhaps you didn’t know still existed in America. Combine the unique setting with a luxury, Safari-style, high-touch visitor experience, and you might be thinking, wow, this is quite something! 

Imagine gliding through deep turquoise pools on the gin-clear Middle Fork of the Salmon River, looking down at schools of native trout 20 feet below. Take a deep breath as you look at the towering mile-deep canyon above, feeling the stress of city-life disappear, layer by layer. Your guide points out a herd of bighorn sheep walking down impossibly steep rock walls to get a drink. Photo op! And then there’s another fun set of rapids ahead. Your guide positions the raft perfectly and your rafting group shreds it as a team. “Paddle salute!” Everyone raises their paddles to do a whitewater high 5.

In camp, Far and Away ensures that your personal comfort is No. 1. Your tent and sleeping quarters will be set up when you arrive. Fine carpeting greets your feet as you climb into comfy your private quarters.  Sip cocktails at the river’s edge while the guides prepare a delicious multi-course meal with locally sourced vegetables, fruits, and meats. Comfortable chairs, French-cut linens, and imported wines round out a dining experience that rounds out yet another a memorable day.

Guests can pick trip dates that best suit their interests on the week-long Middle Fork adventure, one of the original National Wild and Scenic Rivers. High-water adrenaline-filled trips are available in late May and early June (fast water, more time in camp), or easier-going mid-summer trips in July and August when the trout-fishing is best. Itineraries focusing on wellness, yoga, and meditation are available. We customize our trips to fit your needs.

A similar experience awaits in the secret Owyhee and Bruneau River canyons in Southwest Idaho. Multiple layers of reddish-brown lava rock form deep incised canyons reminiscent of Southern Utah, but the big difference is that the Owyhee and Bruneau rivers are rarely visited by anyone. You will feel total and absolute solitude in these canyons. Under the dark sky, you’ll see more stars and galaxies than you ever thought possible. On these rivers, our guests can choose from paddling their own craft for individual spontaneity and challenge to riding in a raft for a stress-free experience with a professional guide.

If this sounds intriguing, get in touch to book your adventure with Far and Away. We look forward to speaking with you!

Experience Wilderness Luxury Customized to Your Desires!