Over a four-day, 40-mile river trip in May or June, you’ll experience the intimacy of the Bruneau Canyon, a mini-Grand Canyon, with vertical red-rock cliffs, fingers, caves and odd shapes that creative minds can name on their own.  After a super fun day on the river, you’ll relax in camp while guides serve hors d’oeuvres, distinctive wine and a gourmet dinner featuring locally grown food.

The last day on the Bruneau River features Five Mile Rapids, a series of challenging rapids through seemingly endless boulder fields. You’ll be happy to be in the company of Far & Away’s experienced guides, and you’ll watch with awe as they expertly maneuver through the maze.

The Bruneau River became a national wild and scenic river in 2009 as part of an Owyhee Canyonlands wilderness bill, which also protected the Bruneau Canyon from rim to rim.  After experiencing the Bruneau, we’re sure you’ll agree that the canyon is deserving of full protection. In fact, if it were located in a place like Kansas, it’d probably be a national park.

Discover the Far & Away difference on the Bruneau River