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While a number of outstanding outfitters run adventures on Middle Fork of the Salmon River, the experience is oh so different with Far and Away Adventures. And it starts with you.
Our niche is high-end wilderness luxury and we specialize in guests who know what they want – and don’t want what everyone else does. We personalize the adventure to fit the individual in you. You create the trip. We simply fulfill the experience and do it with a level of service rivaling that of any luxury resort.
You’re in for a special experience with Far and Away Adventures. It’s all your own. And we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

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WHAT THE MIDDLE FORK OF THE SALMON RIVER REVEALS ABOUT OUR PUBLIC LANDS – Article By: MORGAN TILTON//OCTOBER 30, 2018 The nation’s oldest protected waterway is a 104-mile gateway to our past and future The eddy catapults us river left, into a safe zone, and away from the adrenaline-pumping drop. Parallel to our...

Float Your Boat: The Best Whitewater River Trips in America – Mens Journal 2018

The Luxe Whitewater Safari Salmon River, Idaho Most river trips involve a certain amount of effort at the end of each day to unload the boats and set up camp. And, let’s be honest, they also include a bit of...
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What others say about us

Steve Lentz’s outfit, Far and Away Adventures, offers the best seat in a glorious house. I floated Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Far and Away, and from the moment we met his cheerful crew at Indian Creek until we departed at the Flying B airstrip, we were spoiled by gourmet food, treated to capable boatmanship, guided to epic days of trout fishing and chukar hunting, and made to feel like we were part of a rollicking extended family. Steve’s boats are appointed with the best gear, his guides are a mix of wise-ass joke-crackers, gourmet chefs, and backcountry woodsmen who know the river, its contents, and its remarkable history in their very capable fibers.
Andrew McKean, Editor, Outdoor Life Magazine
Thank you all for the spiritual journey down the Middle Fork. Reflecting on the magical light that bounced off the water, rocks and canyon walls, I realize that experiences like these are what push us to recognize that we are only a very small part of our planet earth, and that we must never take our environment for granted. Not everyone can take a trip like this, nor even try to understand the bigger picture, yet for those of us who felt the tug at their hearts as we moved from one bend of the river to the next, it is important to share the experience in what ever way possible. We have a responsibility to help protect places like this, and be the voice of change. A big hug to all of you for the laughs, thoughts, and hopefully on-going friendship.
Johnny Le Coq, Fishpond, USA
In mid-September of 2012, I had one of the greatest weeks on a river in my entire life, thanks to Steve Lentz and Far and Away Adventures. And that’s saying a lot, because I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of weeks on a lot of rivers. The fishing, the food, the hot springs, the guides, the river-running—all of it was just incredible and beyond my already high expectations. The Middle Fork of the Salmon is one of the most wonderful river trips on earth. If you want to make the most of it, I highly suggest a trip with Far and Away—they know how to make the best even better.
Tom Bie, Editor and Publisher, The Drake Magazine
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and the team.  I am utterly overwhelmed by the trip.  It came at a time when my brothers and I really needed a moment to “catch up” for us.  And your trip did more than we could have anticipated. One lesson I surely learned… I will not make the mistake of letting my kids wait until they are 40 to experience the far and away adventure… As soon as they are ready they will be there. Your friend and “swamper” in my dreams.
Jack J Camiolo
Fishpond Westwater Collection

Far and Away's Commitment To A Vacation with a Conscience