Tatshenshini-Alsek River Expedition

Tatshenshini-Alsek River Expedition – 13 Days – $6995
Highlights: This is a remote wilderness river as wild as they get.

In the northwest corner of the continent, where the boundaries of British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska converge, the Tatshenshini and Alsek rivers flow amidst three-mile-high mountains. The Tat-Alsek river trip is the only river that travels from the interior plateau to the ocean. Starting as a small creek in the Yukon, the river doubles in size each day and traverses the largest protected wilderness on the planet. Our trips are designed to allow layover days in the best locations for hiking and wildlife viewing. The St Elias Mountains are home to the largest non-polar ice fields in the world. Massive glaciers descend to the water’s edge, shearing off thunderously into calving icebergs. The primeval landscape, dominated by grizzlies, ravens and eagles is wilderness in its purest form.

Our Tatshenshini trips start in Whitehorse which allows us to use larger aircraft to fly out at the end of the river expedition. This is not a trivial matter, as the larger aircraft have better track records for efficiency and inclement weather but also allows us to carry all manner of fresh fruit, meat, seafood, and vegetables, along with an impressive selection of bottled wines, microbrew beers and liquor. With only 12 guests on the adventure, you will be certain to have an intimate experience as we journey through alpine tundra, past towering mountains with massive glaciers that often reach right into the river, and finally out onto the narrow coastal plain. Come experience this rugged wilderness with the legendary service and hospitality that Far and Away’s trips are known for.