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Far and Away was named as the outfitter to travel with in their selection of  25 TRIPS OF A LIFETIME. It includes the Middle Fork of the Salmon as one of the three initial American adventures.

“Our vision is to embody the Outside spirit and tradition of seeking out and unearthing travel experiences that truly matter.  To set an intention that inspires travelers to create awesome stories of their own, to become nothing less than simply the coolest adventure-travel company in the world.”


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[vc_testimonial author=”Aisle52″]Far and Away Adventures creates highly private flights of fancy along two iconic Western waterways: in Idaho, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, and the Jarbidge/Bruneau Rivers. Wilderness lake kayaking, hiking, and blue-ribbon fly-fishing adventures are also featured in Yellowstone National Park. The signature American Safari Adventures offer a new level of wilderness travel organic food, fine wines and solar-generated hot water for showers are provided for your pleasure. Expect a “silver spoon” experience, complete with yoga, massage, and candlelight dining in riverside encampments reminiscent of a Hemingway story.[/vc_testimonial]
Middle Fork of Salmon Middle Fork

Middle Fork of Idaho’s Salmon

This is our premier wilderness luxury experience.  Guests travel from around the world to experience the Middle Fork.  Nearly 100 miles of adrenaline-pumping rapids, tranquil pools, and relaxing riffle.  Enjoy the remote beauty and diversity in ecosystems from high alpine to desert canyon to blue-ribbon trout fishing and abundant wildlife.   Six days and five night of getting away from it all – and getting re-centered in a way that’s nearly impossible in the modern world

The Jarbidge/Bruneau River

The Jarbidge/Bruneau River

A narrow crack opens itself in the southwestern Idaho desert and reveals a river canyon of extraordinary beauty and character. These smaller-volume rivers, typically floatable in late spring and early summer, feature spectacular whitewater and are high on the “must-do” lists of adventurers.  This is one of the best kept secrets in river-running.

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone’s serene side is not too far off the beaten track. Far & Away Adventures offers a leisurely kayak adventure on deep blue water, where wildlife and elbow room are plentiful. This is a Yellowstone little changed from the time mountain man John Colter first explored more than 200 years ago.  The adventure begins with a half-hour cabin cruiser ride across Yellowstone Lake (the nation’s largest lake at over 7,500 feet above sea level) to a secluded dock. From there, a short sea kayak or canoe paddle transports you to a private camp hidden among one of the one hundred and ten miles of pristine shorelines that comprise the massive lake. Perfect for the family who wants to truly “unplug” and enjoy Yellowstone (minus the masses), this trip offers plenty of relaxation and adventure.

Whitewater Wellness Week

SUN VALLEY, ID, Feb. 2, 2013 – Known for blending river rafting with wilderness adventure and back-country luxury, Far and AwayAdventures delivers “authentic American safaris” that in 2013 include two six-day/five-night Middle Fork of the Salmon Whitewater Wellness Week.  Trip date is Sept. 5 – 10. The per person rate is from $2,750.

In an adults-only atmosphere, private wellness and fitness counseling and
activities will be led by Margie Caldwell Cooper, a fitness educator, relaxation
trainer and former competitive swimmer from Santa Barbara, CA, who was
designated Aquatic Exercise Association Global Fitness Professional of the Year
in 2006.

In a pristine riverside setting, Caldwell will introduce new and advanced stretching techniques and lead daily warm-up and yoga sessions before each active day on the river. Morning guided hikes along the banks or up a canyon to enjoy scenery and view petroglyphs increase participant’s endurance and
cardiovascular fitness. Personalized stretch sessions and kinesthetic awareness
activities drawn up by Caldwell after individual assessments will give each guest a specific individualized program for improved posture and increased flexibility and range of motion. Massage and bodywork sessions in the ambiance of the quiet river evenings will loosen joints and lengthen muscles, improving posture
and balance.

Far and Away Adventures hopes to appeal to active couples and solo travelers looking to combine a world-class adventure vacation with a strong wellness element.  Owner and founder Steve Lentz likes to point out that, “this is also prime time for fly-fishing on legendary blue ribbon waters.  A companion who would rather angle for Westslope Cutthroat Trout will be well accommodated.”  Lentz notes that an experienced angler can bring 100 fish a day to the boat.

The comprehensive program in concert with a world-class river expedition includes aerobic interval workouts, fly-fishing, soaking in hot springs, wildlife
observation and nature walks, inflatable kayaking, and development of long term personal fitness agendas. Exercise mats are provided. Additional massage
treatments (one is complimentary) are $50 per half hour and $90 per hour.

Caldwell, a self-proclaimed river rat herself, holds numerous certifications from the Yoga Alliance and teaches Yoga and Pilates. She also freelances at the
Rancho La Puerta health spa in Baja, Mexico on a regular basis and offers continuing education to instructors around the country focusing on bringing core training and functional fitness into every workout.

As guests work out with Caldwell and play on the river, adventure guides set up and break down five-star camps along the river. They prepare and serve organic
meals on pre-heated stoneware atop linen-draped tables lit by candlelight while pouring into crystal stemware wines selected from organic and small-batch
wineries. The guides also arrange solar-generated hot water for showers, and state-of-art tents with elevated beds, flannel bedding, carpets and nightstands.

Far and Away Adventures has been sharing the excitement of paddling with adventuresome guests since 1980. Simply, the wonders of nature and those created by Far and Away Adventures for guests plying these and other privileged waters create a new category for those who seek experiences above and beyond the ordinary. Far and Away Adventures’ guests are moved beyond world-class into a universe where luxury and wilderness blend marvelously together. For a detailed itinerary on this and other programs on equally privileged waters, please contact Far and Away Adventures.